The Dixathlon

Sadly I have cancelled this event. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I’ve finalised the details of my 40th Birthday celebrations! Due to continued Covid travel disruption, the main event is going to take place in the UK. After a long and dubious selection process, Nottingham has been selected as the host city. I’ve stuck with the originally proposed dates of October 7-10.

Below you will find the list of events that make up the Dixathlon, AKA the OlympDix. You can participate in as many or as few events as you like, but only ten of your scores will count towards your final score. The highest scoring attendee will receive the Big Bowl of Dix trophy.

I’ve booked an Airbnb for the three nights. That will host many of the skill and creativity events (see below). The rest will take place off site at sporting venues or during the nights out at bars/pubs. If you’re planning on coming please let me know so I can keep track of numbers.

The following week there will be a trip to the Algarve if anyone wants to gamble on a foreign trip. I’m booked on Easyjet flights from Luton to Faro October 14-18. I’d like to arrange a villa to accommodate the group, so get in touch if you’d like to attend. My number is 07490 633 715 and I prefer to use WhatsApp.

The proposed events are as follows, but are subject to change!


  • Football
    • Penalties – most spot kicks scored/saved
    • Heads and volleys – three lives elimination game
    • Predictions – forecast results for international fixtures
  • Cricket
    • Catching – three lives elimination game (tennis ball)
    • Throwing – Furthest distance (cricket ball)
    • Bowling – Ten ball bowl-off
    • Batting – Longest French cricket innings (tennis ball)
  • Golf
    • Crazy golf – Best round
    • Longest drive – Longest single hit (5 attempts)
  • Athletics
    • Sprint – 100m race
    • Distance – 5K time trial
    • Long jump – Furthest distance jumped
  • Darts
    • Half It – Highest score in mass participation game
  • Pool
    • Killer – Finishing position in mass participation game (randomised order)
  • Tenpin Bowling
    • Best game – Highest pinfall over single game


  • Push-ups – Most push-ups in a minute
  • Sit-ups   – Most sit-ups in a minute
  • Squats – Most consecutive Dix squats without a break
  • Crucifix – Longest time holding heavy objects out horizontally with each arm
  • Arm wrestling – One-on-one tournament


  • Dance-off – Best 30 second dance routine
  • Karaoke – Best song selection and performance
  • Drawing – Best picture of mystery item
  • Pot luck – Best speciality dish based on quality and quantity
  • Best cocktail – Tastiest alcoholic beverage
  • Fancy dress – Best costume for Saturday night out
  • Song/Limerick – Best ditty produced on mystery subject


  • Hopping rumble – Mass participation hopping contest
  • Poker – Turbo tournament
  • Go karting – Fastest lap
  • Thumb war – One-one-one best of three tournament
  • Play doh sculpture – Best freeform creation made from children’s clay
  • Limbo – Lowest bar cleared
  • Box game – Elimination party game with a cereal box


  • Druno – Elimination card game using an Uno deck
  • Spoof – Elimination coin game
  • Trivia – Best score in pub quiz
  • 21 – Elimination drinking game
  • Scrabble – Best score from set of Scrabble scenarios
  • Cups – Elimination drinking game with plastic cups