My name is Bobby Dix, and I spent my childhood obsessively designing and making games. I can’t claim to be a programming prodigy; these were physical games with pens, paper, spinners and dice. They were almost always gambling games. That formative experience was the foundation for a successful decade running global promotions, strategic CRM and freemium product for PokerStars during the golden age of online poker.

I eventually walked away when I came to understand the harm gambling can do. It’s my desire to help spread happiness, not perpetuate misery. Since leaving in 2015, I’ve travelled, worked, volunteered, consulted and studied, whilst steadfastly refusing to return to the betting industry.

I completed an MSc in Psychology in 2020, where I focused on several aspects of gambling. After immersing myself in the literature, it was clear there is a disconnect between what we know scientifically about the best practices of gambling, and what the industry is actually doing. I want to help bridge that gap to help create a safer and more enjoyable experience for customers.

In this blog I’ll discuss my personal and professional experiences from 30 years of passionate involvement. I’ll talk about the things that have gone wrong, and share ideas for how things can be better. If you work within the gambling sector and I can be of help, please get in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn here.