I’ve created this blog to talk about gambling from my own unique perspective.

I love to gamble and always have. That led to a successful decade-long career at PokerStars during the online poker boom and many offers of work since. But five years ago I walked away and haven’t looked back.

That was because I eventually came to see the harm gambling can do, and the role I was playing in making things worse. I have since completed an MSc in Psychology to improve my understanding of the subject, and now I want to do more.

However, in researching the possibility of doing a PhD it struck me how much research already exists and how apparently oblivious the gambling industry is to it. I can’t justify three years of hard work and a hefty bill to create more research for the void. Even if it gets me out of paying council tax for a bit.

This blog is my solution – I’m going to talk openly about my personal and professional experiences, whilst relating to the huge body of academic work that already exists. My hope is that I can expose gambling professionals to information that might lead to better industry practices, whilst maintaining my independence.

So, despite my misgivings, I am dipping my toes back in the murky waters of wagering. I have a lot of insight and creativity to offer, and I can’t make a difference by sitting on the sidelines. Gambling is here to stay, but it needs to be a lot better. Very few people are better equipped to help that happen.

But I promise it won’t all just be tedious, righteous lecturing, because that wouldn’t be much fun. First and foremost, gambling should be about entertainment, so along the way there will be juicy inside information and probably a little axe-grinding. I’m no longer inclined to do any naming, but there is scope for ample shaming.

Sign up if you want to learn more, and feel free to leave comments. There’s bound to be some controversy and I’m ready to debate.


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